5 Things To Do When Your Cougar Stops Texting

cougars dating younger menThere is a dozen tricks which a young man can teach a cougar; texting of course being one of them. However, it doesn’t take much to know when you are being ignored; not to mention that texting in a relationship is quite important to a young guy. It can be quite frustrating especially when you already like her. Unlike your regular girlfriend, a cougar doesn’t fail to reply because she was so electrified that she fainted. Could you be a sidepiece? Here are ways to get out of it:

You have to start acting professional

For you to be in an accomplished woman’s favorite messaging list, you have to prove that you are worth it. A woman who holds a title would like a successful man who dresses and acts like one. All women want a man with a stable job. Looking for a young man doesn’t mean that a cougar is necessarily looking for a boy. If you have not yet updated your status showing how much you like your job or not yet changed your profile picture into one that displays professionalism, then you are not worth texting.

Start choosing your words carefully

It is always daunting for every woman to ignore the written word. If you have not mastered the art of inviting a woman to texting, then you have a huge problem. For sure, virtually every woman out there likes to text, but how do you go about unraveling the text-monster inside her? Timing is everything when it comes to texting your cougar. Just know which words to use and when. If for instance, you start sexting with the most erotic words you can think of, you will be turned down most likely. Remember, you can’t serve dessert without setting the table first!

Sometimes, she needs you to call her

A real woman respects a man who calls to make plans. A cougar will want you to buzz up her cell phone from time to time especially when she is around her friends. Cougars dating younger men want their friends to know that they can still date a princely. When you man up enough to call her, she will definitely text you later to make plans for your reward.

May be she thinks that you are too good for her

Most guys will be very thrilled to read this, but maybe she could be feeling insecure. A cougar sometimes may not believe that you like her body so much. She might be reading your texts and not believing a single word you say about her body. Older people could be a catch, but the guilt will always haunt them. How do you handle this? Take time to reassure her she is a goddess. When you do that, she will extol you; so more texts coming your way!

You may not be her right partner

Oops! This will be a buzz kill for most guys. Text magic only works with the right pair. If it just doesn’t work with your cougar after trying all these things, maybe she is dissatisfied with you.


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Tips On How To Date A Younger Man

cougars dating younger menA lot of women love or enjoy the company of younger men. Many years ago, there was this silly standard, which recommended that it was ideally acceptable for matured or older rich men to date younger women, however, it is unwise for any younger man who want to spend time with older women. Thankfully, all that are changed in today’s world. A lot of divorced and never married women love the exceptional features of men who are years younger than them. For cougars dating younger men, perhaps realized that dating someone years younger could be relatively diverse than dating men who are their own age or years older.

1.Younger men are vibrant and normally have an extremely diverse attitude than their older counterparts. One of the most remarkable things when you are a mature woman dating younger man is that you get to spend time with somebody who has a childlike zest for life. A lot of women who date men in their 20s or 30s feel more active and energized to get a new interest in things. If you are dating a younger man you want to ready for about anything and it is essential to have an open mind. Being confident and being ready to experience new things it doesn’t matter if it is surfing or something behind close doors.

2.Never allow anyone or anybody make you feel unease when you are a matured woman dating younger man. When you have married associates or friends who are at your age, you might run into skepticism from them. There is also a possibility that man your own age will do the best to point out the whole thing which is negative concerning younger companions. Never be deterred from your importance and interest in younger men. When you feel at ease dating somebody in spite his age, it is not the business of anyone else.

3.Know that you’ve many exceptional features which make you remarkable as well as fascinating to a younger man. A lot of older women have short-term moments of hesitation regarding the possibilities that a relationship with a younger man can last. When you ask many young gentlemen who are fascinated in older women, it doesn’t matter if they’re going to bolt from which relationship into one with a younger woman, they will find it pathetic. A lot of men, successful, good looking and fun young men are just attracted to older women than them. You have to celebrate who you are, you have to embrace your maturity and you will have a younger man beating down your door.

4.Particular words you say and things do could make a man feel feebly drawn to you. When you are swayed, he is the one there are stuffs you can do to make sure he just has eyes you. For more valuable tips concerning knowing men, which include an approach to get him to fall in love deeply with you, just go online.

You do not need to leave loved to chance or fate. When you are bored or exhausted of waiting for the right man to come, there are many things you can do in order to find the right men for you.


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